Best Place to Buy Gold Online

Buying gold is very easy but there are many online stores and choosing the right one is important. There are many things you should consider before buying gold online. Here we will give you a brief idea about the points you should check when buying gold through online medium.

1. Choose the Trusted Bullion Dealer

You should always focus on choosing the right online store. The company should also have a registered office because if you want to meet them in person then when will you go. So they should also have a physical address. Bullion Store has a physical registered office in UK and they also sell online. So, you can visit them online or in store.

2. Range of Gold Bars and Gold Coins

When you plan to buy gold online then you should also check the range offered by the online dealer. They should provide the best quality gold. Bullion Store is the authorized dealer of Metalor and Umicore bars so you can buy from them without worrying about the quality.

3. Best Price of Gold Bullion

They should have a live pricing option on their website. This way the price will get updated regularly and you will get the best gold bars and coins at best price.

4. Lowest Price Gold Bullion

You should also compare the prices from other sellers. This way you will get the idea about the margin dealer is keeping. You should always select the trusted bullion dealer which works on lowest margin.

5. Delivery Options

It is one of the important things you should check. Bullion Store offers free insured next day delivery option so you can get the things you have ordered after one day without paying any delivery charges.

6. Buy Back Guarantee Gold Bullion

This is one of the important things. Bullion Dealer should provide the buy back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the gold you bought online.

7. Payment Options

You should choose the bullion dealers which provide various payment option. You can pay as you like.
You need to follow the above mentioned tips to buy gold online. These tips will help you in choosing the best gold bullion dealer.


How to Assemble Your Own Computer

Here are the steps to assemble a good and right computer, if you find it difficult with the explanation, I also include images to help make your personal computer easy to assemble.

Step 1 – Prepare all the components to assemble the computer.


How to take a screenshot in a computer

Take a photo of user interface of the device’s screen, like a computer or a laptop, called a screenshot,For those who use computers and laptops, screenshots are a very important thing, A lot of problems are resolved through the screenshot.
What is the use of screenshot
Suppose your computer has Showing any error or any kind of problem or you are working on your computer and how to complete it, you do not understand, then you can take his screenshot then You can send a friend or computer Support center to whom the person in front of the face will tell you the solution to your problem. and send any proof of any thing take screenshots and then send.

Its a very easy way in computers and laptop you find a key on your Computer Desktop Keyboard or Laptop Keyboard.his called Print Screen SysRq.
  • Press Print-screen button on Keyboard.

  • Then Paste on any application as like Paint, Word, Photoshop, Corel Etc. 

  • After that paste so you have full Screen picture of your Computer Screen, if you want a particular part of picture then you.
  • You can cut picture Whatever you want.  

  • Then Save and send For any proof and any Solutions.

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3 easy ways to speed computer

3 easy ways to speed computer in 5 minutes



Click start menu > type  disk cleanup > and choose the c drive to click ok







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